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Natural Grocer is the brainchild of our dedicated group of people that have been in the dried goods industry for a combined 80 years. We have seen the changes within the supermarket industry and as a result, we believe that New Zealander's are not being served well from the current markets available to them.


Through our extensive contacts with worldwide and local suppliers, we have taken it upon ourselves to bring to all New Zealanders competitively priced nuts, dried fruits, seeds, snacks, pulses, legumes, organics, cereals and confectionaries.


We not only seek the best price possible to pass onto to our customers but we also have a dedicated ambition to insure that all products sold on Natural Grocer are to the highest hygienic standard as well as the highest ethical standard.


Natural Grocer hold dear to us the need to provide our customers the best possible experience and ease of use in obtaining healthy and delicious nuts, dried fruits, seeds, snacks, pulses, legumes, organics, cereals and confectionaries. We’re customers too and know what it’s like not to find that specific product you’re looking for and when we do find it, to find it expensive or low in quality.


We cater for every need; from the household wanting some Sunflower Seeds for their muesli to the corporate requiring bulk lots and ordering is simple. Just browse our website and select the products you want by clicking the 'buy now' tag; this will add this to your cart (just like putting groceries in your shopping trolley). Then visit the checkout and enter your delivery details, as this will allow us to calculate the freight, and then choose your payment options (Credit Card or Direct Debit.) Once payment has been received we will pick, pack and dispatch as quickly as possible.


If you're having trouble, please let us know and we'll help you out or even take the order over the phone.


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